Leading up to the Great War many militaries, including the United States’, experimented with synthetic, techno-organic beings, commonly called synths. Synths were designed to work as intelligence gathering agents and assassins. They could duplicate a subject down to the genetic level, but with brains that could be programmed to carry out any mission. Though classified as top secret, a few well-connected scientists were able to produce synth technology and use it for their own purposes.

After the War, hundreds of synths remained in stasis, awaiting orders that would never come. Over the years, synths occasionally awaken. Sometimes they are programmed with artifical memories, but other times they are blank slates, seeming to have amnesia. About half of all synths know their artificial origin, but an equal number believe themselves to be human.

Synths appear in all ways to be human, and in many ways they are. Synths begin as srtificial skeletal frames with robotic brains upon which human tissues are grown. They have human muscles, organs, and skin.

Racial Edges and Hindrances
Quirky: While synths appear and act almost human, their programming is not always perfect. All synths begin with the Quirk Hindrance to reflect an oddity in their programming.
Programming: Synths recieve a free d6 in one skill, to reflect their initial programming, and can speak a number of languages equal to their Smarts.
Reinforced Skeleton: Synths take half damage from falls, and gains a +2 to Vigor test to soak damage.
Untainted: As an artificial race, synths are not tainted by the mutations that ravage many creatures of the apocalypse. They cannot take Mutation Edges or Arcane Background (Psionics).



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